Its BET Weekend and Los Angles is packed to the brim with all the brightest stars in hip-hop. This is their chance to all get together and network, show off, shop, but most importantly; PARTY!

Playhouse in Los Angeles, had Nick Cannon (now of Power 106's Nick Cannon Mornings) hosting the night along with the rising female hip-hop artist, Megan thee Stallion.

At about 1am they snuck in the back door of the club. Megan took the time to take photos with some of her fans! As Nick passed through the crowd everyone was wanting to shake his hand and dab him up.
Finally, they each made their way into the club and up to the DJ booth where other celebs were already waiting to SHUT THE CLUB DOWN!

DJ Charisma was spinning and it was LIT!
If you have not made it out to Playhouse Hollywood, it is a must! The atmosphere is amazing! Plus, you never know who you may run into. Its Hollywood baby!